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Fin Carré and UTZ certification

Our chocolate: Fin Carré

Fin Carré is not only the cheapest of our chocolate bars, but it is also by far our best-selling product. We have always used the best ingredients, but what is really new is our commitment to social and environmental questions.
Lidl has chosen the road to the future, by adhering to the UTZ Certified programme for the sustainable cultivation of cocoa: but obviously without it affecting the price of our Fin Carré chocolate.

Logo UTZ

Our Partners: UTZ Certified

UTZ Certified is a sustainability programme which concerns the cultivation of coffee, cocoa and tea, and the training of producers in order to improve their professional skills, as well as the yield and the sustainability of their farming activities. The farmers are also trained in company management, safety at work and environmental management. The aim of the programme is to help farmers to obtain more favourable prices in exchange for better products.
The UTZ Certified traceability system is synonymous with transparency in the commercialization of certified goods: in fact, it guarantees that the raw materials used were actually grown and harvested with a sense of responsibility towards the environment. In this way there will be greater credibility, both for the traders and the buyers, allowing all subjects involved to negotiate reasonable prices for goods produced in a sustainable way.


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