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Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

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What is MSC?

The MSC, (Marine Stewardship Council) is an independent, global non-profit organisation that was formed in 1997 to find a solution to the problem of over fishing.

Many oceans are so heavily over fished that the fish reserves are depleting throughout the world. This damages the marine ecosystem as well as the world fishing industry.

The MSC has developed a global environmental standard according to which worldwide fisheries can be evaluated. If they meet the criteria for this standard, they are allowed to use to blue MSC seal of their products.

What does the MSC seal stand for?

The MSC seal is a guarantee that the fish used in a particular product has been caught in accordance with environmental fishing standards. Lidl products always display this seal on a yellow background in the right-hand corner of the product packaging.

The 3 principles of the MSC:

  1. The condition of fish reserves
    Fishing must be organised so that over fishing and exhaustion of the fish reserves is avoided. It must be proven that the reserves can recover, and the fisheries are not allowed to alter the characteristics of the fish reserves in terms of age, gender and genetic features.
  2. Effects of fishing on the maritime environment
    The fisheries must show consideration for the marine ecosystem, whose structure, productivity, variety and uses should not be compromised. The natural relationship between the fish species as well as the biological variety should not be endangered.
  3. Fishery-Management System
    A fishery management system is established for every fishery according to the local, national and international laws and guidelines. The fishery itself, as well as its institutional and commercial standards, should focus on the sustainable use of marine resources.

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Sustainable Fishing

The MSC welcomes Lidl's efforts to support environmentally conscious fishing. Rupert Howes, Chief Executive of the MSC said: "Lidl brought out its first MSC fish products in October 2006 and has continually expanded its range of MSC-certified products since then. Lidl is taking the preservation of fish and seafood seriously. Lidl has given the MSC seal a prime position on its packaging, so that it attracts the attention of consumers. Lidl explains the meaning of the MSC seal to its customers on its website. Information is an important and necessary step in gaining support for environmentally-friendly practices. The MSC seal makes it simple for consumers to show their support for the cause."

"In co-operation with the MSC, Lidl targets its suppliers to make the environmental standards of the Marine Stewardship Council better known and offers incentives for MSC-certified products. In this way, Lidl helps to promote sustainable fishing and helps to secure adequate stocks of fish in our stores in the long-term."

Products with an MSC seal are not only available in Lidl stores in Malta but also in 17 other European countries.