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Buying wine at your Lidl Store

Wines you will enjoy – best quality for the best price, that is what Lidl offers! In this shopping guide you will find descriptions of a selection of wines you can find at Lidl together with some excellent gourmet tips! Discover Lidl's wine expertise.

With this shopping guide we would like to help you find those wines that please you. Lidl's wine selection includes around 50 different wines. One can find almost all of these wines in your nearest Lidl store. Others, may only be offered for a limited period of time, during certain “wine specials”.
Lidl offers wines you will enjoy for the lowest possible price and of the best possible quality. On the following pages, you may also learn what we are doing to achieve this goal. As our selection of products repeatedly scores high at expert tastings, our quality policy pays off. Amongst all the products offered by discount stores, tasters certify Lidl's quality as the most solid.
What can discount wines offer? You will find a wide range of decent wines for every day consumption as well as more attractive and fruity wines or even more distinctive wines from overseas. Our wines are cleanly vinified by experienced cellar masters and guarantee the pleasure of drinking wine for the right amount of money. Often, during wine tastings, many were amazed at how tasty these wines really are. See for yourself and moreso, surprise those connoisseurs among your friends!
All our wines are ready to be enjoyed and do not require lengthy storage times. They are even better if accompanied by the right food, cheese or even chocolate. Remember: pleasure does not have to be complicated or expensive – it's all about the right choice and the right quality! That is what Lidl stands for.