Legal warranty:

As required by law, all goods sold are covered by a 2-YEAR warranty, commencing from the date of purchase. In order to make use of this warranty, the FISCAL RECEIPT must be retained.


Returns Policy:

Our Returns Policy is without prejudice to the legal warranty.

Starting from 01.02.2020, the conditions to benefit from the Lidl returns policy will be modified.

For purchases made from 01.02.2020, the RETURN of the product with refund of the price or its replacement, if available, can be made WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE and upon presentation of the ORIGINAL FISCAL RECEIPT*

Returns Policy for purchase:

  • Return can be made within 30 days from the date of purchase and upon presentation of the original fiscal receipt*

*In any store, both in Gozo and Malta.

*For hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns of swimwear and underwear (tank tops, bra, stockings, socks / knee-highs, tights, underpants, boxers and panties).

*Portable and desk computers may only be returned within 10 DAYS from the date of purchase.

*Seasonal merchandise related to Carnival may only be returned by not later than the last day of Carnival (of that year).

*Seasonal merchandise related to Halloween may only be returned by not later than the 31st of October (of that year).

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Dear customer, we kindly ask you to check your receipt, change and shopping once you have paid for it. Should you have any claims you may address them to our sales staff only before leaving the store.