Panettone Flan with Cream

Panettone Flan

with Cream

Portions: 4 single portions
Difficulty: easy
Time: approx. 20min. + 10 for cooking

  • Panettone FAVORINA;
  • Milk, 300ml;
  • Cream, 200ml;
  • Egg yolks, 4;
  • Sugar, 120g;
  • Corn starch, 40g;
  • Butter, to taste;
  • Orange peel, to taste;

-Cut the panettone into cubes;

-Heat the milk and cream in a pan, bringing up almost to boiling point;

- Meanwhile whip up the yolks with the sugar, and fold in the sieved corn starch;

- Pour the milk and cream onto the egg yolk mixture and whip it up, then put back onto the heat and mix until it has thickened;

-Pour into a bowl, and add the grated orange peel;

-Butter the single panettone portions;

- Sprinkle some panettone pieces into the single dishes, and pour the cream over them;

- Create a second layer of panettone, making a little “mound” and pour on the rest of the cream;

-Cook in the oven at 180° for about 8 minutes.