Smoked Duck Breast with Winter Salad

Smoked Duck Breast

with Winter Salad

Portions: 2
Difficulty: very easy
Time: approx. 15min.


  • Smoked duck breast fillet, DELUXE 90g;
  • Fennel, ½;
  • Soncino salad, 40g;
  • Orange, 1;
  • Dates, 6;
  • Walnuts, 6;
  • Pomegranate, ½;
  • Extra-virgin olive oil;
  • Salt;
  • Pepper;



- Remove the seeds from the pomegranate: keep all the juice on one side to make the citronette;

- Add 2 parts of the pomegranate juice, 1 of oil, 1 pinch of salt and 1 of pepper and beat thoroughly with a fork to create the emulsion;

- Place the smoked duck fillet onto a plate, moisten it lightly with the citronette and leave it to marinate for 5-10 minutes;

- Finely slice the fennel, remove the stones from the dates and cut them in half lengthways;

- Peel the orange and remove the pith, separating off the segments, then cut them in half to get finer slices;

- Remove the kernels from the walnuts and cut them in half lengthways;

- Mix the fennel in with the soncino salad and lightly dress with oil and salt;

- Serve on the plates with the help of a pastry cutter so the fennel and soncino salad is on the base;

- Add part of the dates, walnuts and pomegranate seeds, and then make a layer of orange slices;

- Carefully arrange the smoked orange breast slices on top;

- Add the remaining walnuts and dates, and lightly moisten the dish with the pomegranate citronette, decorating the plate with little spots, for a stylish presentation.