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Every month you get Coupon Plus!

Use your Lidl Plus app every time you shop and reap in more rewards!

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It's this simple:

  1. Launch your Lidl Plus app and click to the button «PLAY NOW»
  2. Scan your digital Lidl Plus card at the Lidl cash register
  3. Reach your milestones and win new digital coupons

How it works

  • What is Coupon Plus

    Coupon Plus is another way to save with Lidl Plus. You can earn bonus digital coupons when you reach fixed targets.

  • How to win

    Every time you shop at Lidl, scan your card at the cash register, and reach your targets!

  • Prizes

    Every month, reach the targets and win free products or discounts! Activate them and redeem them on your next purchase.

When you reach your target, your digital coupon reward will be sent to the ‘Coupons’ section of your Lidl Plus app. These coupons are only valid for 7 days. See individual coupon for details.

No, each Coupon Plus lasts for one calendar month only. Your monthly spend cannot be carried over to the next month.

The value of any returns or refunds will be deducted from your Coupon Plus monthly qualifying spend.

Yes: infant formula and gift cards (also, phone cards and prepaid cards) are excluded.


Coupon Plus is part of the customer loyalty program built for clients of Lidl Malta and resides within the Lidl Plus App.

Through this game-like-platform, Lidl aims to reward their clients for their constant support and loyalty by awarding them additional digital coupons as the clients successfully meet their respective milestones automatically registered by the App each and every time the client successfully uses the App whilst effecting a purchase within any of the Lidl Stores in Malta & Gozo.

As an integral part of Lidl Plus – it therefore follows that to be eligible to participate within Coupon Plus, a client must already be a Lidl Plus registered customer and have agreed to the general Terms and Conditions that define its use.

Coupon Plus Campaign

Unlike other elements of the customer loyalty platform, Coupon Plus is not a permanent feature of Lidl Plus. Each period of activity is known as a Coupon Plus Campaign. Each campaign is one calendar month long – always starting from the 1st day of the month till the last day respectively. Lidl reserves the right to activate the Coupon Plus Campaign at its discretion and will advise its clients accordingly through the app and communications channels.


Milestones are pre-established volumes of cumulative value of purchases that the client needs to meet over the period of the campaign. Whilst the grand total establishes the final target, the journey to reaching this total is subdivided into milestones of minor value. As the client meets their respective milestone, Coupon Plus automatically rewards their loyalty through a Lidl Digital Coupon, delivered right to the customer through the same Lidl Plus App. The more milestones one reaches – the greater the number of Lidl Digital Coupons they receive. Whilst Lidl may change the dynamics of the milestones between one campaign and the next – all milestones and targets will be published on both the App as well as on the Coupon Plus landing page.

How to partecipate

  • At the beginning of a new campaign – Lidl Malta customers will be presented with a notification on the home page of the Lidl Plus App – inviting them to join. By selecting the ‘PLAY NOW’ button, the app registers the client’s decision and automatically takes into consideration all purchases effected from that point forward in which the App has been successfully scanned at the cashier.
  • The Lidl Plus App will automatically registers each qualified purchase effected during the campaign period.
  • At each milestone, the App will dispense the reward Coupons.
  • Should the customer reach multiple milestones with a single purchase, the customer will automatically receive all the respective milestone Digital Coupons.
  • Digital Coupons are delivered to the Coupons repository of the Lidl Plus app promptly after reaching the relevant spend target.
  • All Digital Coupons have a maximum shelf life of no greater than 7 days, after which, the Digital Coupon automatically looses its validity and permanently deleted from the coupon repository.
  • At the end of the month – the campaign is closed with all progress whipped clean. Spend is not transferable between different months or between different users.

Using a coupon

  • Similar to all Lidl Plus digital coupons, to redeem the Coupon Plus prize, the customer must activate the Digital Coupon by clicking on the 'Active' button prior to scanning in their Lidl Plus Card at the cashier’s desk when making a new purchase.
  • Each Digital Coupon can be used only one time.
  • If the coupon is a "money-off-spend coupon", the customer must spend the minimum amount stated on the coupon to redeem (e.g. if one gets a €0.50 money-off-spend coupon they have to make a purchase of minimum €0.50).
  • If the Digital Coupon is a "money-off-spend coupon", it cannot be used to purchase infant formula, gift cards, phone cards and prepaid cards
  • Money-off-spend coupon”: no two Digital Coupons can be used on the same purchase independently of the value of the coupons.
  • A Free-Item coupon is a coupon that allows the holder to receive a specific product at zero cost and can be use only one time and only on 1 unit.
  • No two Digital Coupons can be used on the same purchase of the same item.
  • Coupons can be used in all Lidl stores in Malta or Gozo.
  • Coupons are non-exchangeable, non-transferable and non-refundable.

Qualifying spend

  • A "Qualifying Spend" is the total on the receipt from Lidl branches in Lidl Malta.
  • The value of any refunds or returns for items which contributed towards Qualifying Spend will be deducted from the Qualifying Spend amount within the Month of the return. If at the time of the refunds, the customer has not yet benefited from the coupon obtained thanks to the purchase of the returned product, the Digital Coupon will not be available in the coupon section of Lidl Plus and the customer will no longer be able to use it. If the customer makes a refund on one or more product(s) subject to Lidl Plus discounts, only the amount spent on the item will be refunded during the refund, net of any discounts/promotions.

Qualified products

All articles on sale in Lidl outlets in Lidl Malta are qualified for Coupon Plus with the sole exception of infant formula, gift cards, phone cards, prepaid cards and BCRS refund deposit.