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Great wines for connoisseurs

"My name is Richard Bampfield, I am one of the 418 Masters of Wine in the world. My title means that I adhere to the code of conduct of the “Masters of Wine” Institute and evaluate wines in an objective and impartial manner. Furthermore, I am very well prepared to understand wines and explore their character. I evaluate each wine according to internationally recognized criteria on a 100-point scale."

Richard Bampfield recommends

Award-winning wines with a gold medal. Only the absolute quality of a wine is taken into consideration in the evaluation.

Try Richard Bampfield’s award-winning wines - guaranteed enjoyment!

  1. 87-89 (Very Good)

    87-89 (Very Good)

    These wines are an interesting discover. They show balance, taste and personality that makes them unique. Perfect for daily relax moments or meeting with friends.

  2. 90-94 (Remarkable)

    90-94 (Remarkable)

    There wines are excelent and remarkable. They show complexity, profound taste and refinement. Perfect for special occasions or for your special moments.

  3. 95-100 (Excelent)

    95-100 (Excelent)

    These wines are near to perfection. Them are the perfect balance of art, precision and elegance. Perfect for celebration, pleasure and thought moments.

Our red wines

Our red wines

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Our white wines and rosè

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Our Sparkling Wines