• Money-Back Guarantee

    We are working for your satisfaction! For this reason we pay special attention to the quality of our products and this is why we offer a total money back guarantee.

  • Easy Card Payment

    In all Lidl stores you can easily pay using the following Debit Cards:
    - BOV Cashlink
    - HSBC Quikcash
    - APS Premier
    - Visa Electron

    and Credit Cards:
    - Visa
    - Mastercard

    Your advantage: You can pay for larger purchases, without having to have the exact amount of cash with you.

  • Freshness

    From the production stage to the sale of all our products, we ensure that only the highest quality is on our shelves, so that you can only find the freshest groceries in our stores. This is our guarantee to you!

  • No long queuing at the Cash Desk

    We always do our best, so you will not have to wait long to pay for your products. Our well-trained staff always opens enough cash desks for your quick and pleasant shopping experience.

  • Friendliness & Speed

    Customer satisfaction is the key to our success.
    We want to make your time in our stores as pleasant as possible. For example the cleanliness of the store is just as important to us, as short waiting periods at our tills. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have at any time.