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Garden Cultivator
Technical data
  • No-load rotation speed: 380rpm
  • 1400W
  • Height-adjustable wheels
  • 6 tines with adjustable working width due to the removable tines (29-40cm)
Tips for garden

For perfect gardening

Lawn care tips

Plan ahead for better year-round lawn care

A lawn care calendar recommends the best time to do the most important tasks: verticutting and reseeding in spring, mowing, watering and fertilising in summer, repairs and potassium fertiliser in autumn, and if possible, not walking on it in winter.

Go on holiday knowing your lawn is being looked after

Go away in summer without worrying about your lawn – not a problem with a water computer. You can easily set the watering time, frequency and duration you want. Tip: Before going away, always mow your lawn.

Electric vs. diesel: Choosing the right lawnmower

The size of the lawn dictates the most suitable lawnmower. An electric lawnmower makes most sense for lawns up to 500 square metres. It's lighter and cheaper than a petrol-powered mower although less efficient, and the power cable makes it somewhat unwieldy.

Garden design tips

Get the hedge into shape, cut after cut

All gardeners should check that no birds or other wild animals have nested in their hedge before trimming it. Electric hedgetrimmers with small cutting lengths of up to 40 cm are best for topiary.

Raised beds are perfect for vegetables, herbs or flowers

What you use to fill your raised beds is crucial, no matter what you plant in them. To get an optimal concentration of nutrients, you need five layers: a coarse and fine layer of wood, coarse and rotted compost and at least 20 cm of earth.

Grasses and shrubs give your garden a natural look

Combine the colourful blossom of shrubs with dainty grasses to bring structure, lightness, contrast, and even an astonishing ambiance to your garden. Cordless strimmers and brushcutters will help keep everything tidy.

Tips for terrace and balcony

You can sit happily for hours on a tidy terrace

Moss or debris residues are normal. Pressure washers are suitable for sturdy surfaces like concrete, granite, basalt and even wood. Rough debris can be polished off with sand, but it's best to only use brushes on soft natural stone.

Use natural materials to decorate

Flexible wooden planters make robust and long-lasting containers.

Whether you want a privacy or decoration, in full sun or shade, with colourful flowers, fresh herbs or olive trees – there's nothing to stop you creating the perfect space.

The right sun protection is essential in summer

The main advantage of sunshades is flexibility, however, wind can get under a fixed awning. Like awnings, the stylish alternatives to shades can be raised higher, giving you more shade and preventing heat from building up.

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Garden Cultivator

Up to 20cm working depth


  • Safety switch
  • 6 tines with adjustable working width due to the removable tines (29-40cm)
  • Height-adjustable wheels
  • No-load rotation speed: 380rpm
  • 1400W
Garden Cultivator
Intro Parkside

For real garden heroes

High-quality, hard-wearing materials
Unbeatable vallue for money
Easy to use and high safety standards
Parkside does every job

Every job is easier with Parkside

The tool for every job: your garden armed with tools from Parkside. Our assortment includes all kinds of electric tools, and of course a comprehensive range of suitable accessories. But Parkside doesn't just supply tools – their strict safety and quality controls make them a robust companion for your next garden project.

Every gardener will love the superb value for money and high level of performance for DIY projects.

Always at maximum power

Full power on all the time!

Easily grapple with everyday and tough tasks with the Parkside battery range. Batteries for every tool, from mowing to cutting. Simply charge them up and off you go! High performance combined with cordless freedom for your garden.

Whatever the garden projects you've got planned, the Parkside battery range will help you tackle those everyday tasks, and even the tough ones in your open-air living space. Whether it's a chainsaw or branch saw, hedge shears, a lawnmower, lawn strimmer or telescopic pruner – Parkside cordless garden tools will be your practical companions in the garden at home.

Optimum flexibility: A rechargeable battery means cordless tools, giving you complete freedom and great performance. Whether you're cutting the hedge, mowing the lawn, or pruning branches on your fruit tree, Parkside's modern, quiet and powerful garden tools don't disturb the neighbours and fulfil the dreams of all amateur gardeners.

The whole product range from PARKSIDE Garden.

Head outside. Spend some time on you and your garden. From lawn mowers through hedgetrimmers to pressure washers, Parkside has everything a gardener needs to get ready for the summer.

So: Are you ready for your next garden project? We've got you covered!


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